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Frais in Web Logs, USA and Canada, 2010-2011

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“I love the Frais towelettes! They're so soft and refreshing and they smell like a spa! I keep them in my purse, my car and I travel with them for an on the go spa feeling!” - Nancy O'Dell of NBC's Today Show and Dateline NBC

What Consumers are Saying About Frais Towelettes, December 2010

  • They smell DIVINE
  • They actually take off waterproof mascara and eyeliner – I found that my eyeliner came off quite easily, the mascara did need me to hold the towelette over my lashes for a while, but it did the job; most towelettes say they do, but don’t in practice
  • Foundation, eye shadow etc came off really easily
  • They didn’t irritate my eyes, which is important for a contact lens wearer such as myself
  • They’re soft and thick so it doesn’t feel like you’re wiping your face with a tissue
  • They’re individually wrapped so they don’t dry out – most towelettes come in packs of 20/25, so once you’ve opened the pack, the remaining towelettes tend to dry out and the last 5 are often too dry to be useful. ..
  • They don’t leave your skin feeling dry and/or tight after using them, so I’m guessing there’s little or no alcohol in them?  Depending on your skin type, I think you could get away with not using a moisturiser afterwards, and that’s something I’ve never experienced with any other make up remover!

Laura Chisholm presents Frais Hand Sanitizer on Beautyfix,
Fall 2009beautyFix

Frais Hand Sanitizer was featured in the Fall 2009 Beautyfix Kit. Members of Beautyfix are privy to a sampling of the latest hand-picked, high-performance products, as well as the inside scoop on anything and everything beauty-related from industry experts and beauty aficionados alike. Frais was pleased to be part of this year's kit and received glowing reviews from members.

Nicole, Beautyfix Member, November 9, 2009
"Thank you, Frais! I'm a complete germ-a-phobe and this fits perfectly in my purse and smells great! The bottle is really cute too."

Jenna, Beautyfix Member, November 8, 2009
"I absolutely loved this product. Loved the ingredients down to the texture and how moisturizing it was for my hands instead of drying them out like most sanitizers do. It's the perfect size to bring with you everywhere as well.

Jennifer, Beautyfix Member, November 7, 2009
"I loved the smell and the convenient small packaging. Everyone asked me about it!"

Monica, Beautyfix Member, November 5, 2009
"GREAT Product!!! Have considered purchasing it for the Elementary school teachers! I like that it does not burn my hand like the other sanitizers do, and that it also smells kind of "girly" instread of like a strong I just got sanitized. "

Stephanie, Beautyfix Member, November 5, 2009
"Best sanitizer I have come across. Love everything about it!! In a time when having one handy is a must, this stands out for the great smell and light moisturizing texture. A keeper! "

Joyce, Beautyfix Member, October 30, 2009
"I love it! Love the fragrance and how it absorbs quickly and doesn't dry my hands. I used it on my recent flight and being that it's a germy environment, it made me feel better. Plus the air is stale and stuffy so the fragrance was great. "

SMosley-Day, Beautyfix Member, October 25, 2009
"This smells awesome! Like a day at the spa! Doesn't dry out hands...will definitely purchase! "

Brenda, Beautyfix Member, October 20, 2009
"Good stuff. Goes on nice and quickly. No stickiness. It has a nice smell to it. It also softens your hands. "

C McLaughlin, Beautyfix Member, October 19, 2009
"Would buy this in a heartbeat! Love the scent and it's eco-formula. "

Deb, Beautyfix Member, October 6, 2009
"I love this sanitizer and since my friends are all germaphobes, it will make a nice stocking stuffer. Will definitely buy more of this unique earth friendly product. "

Halina, Beautyfix Member, October 4, 2009
"I love the portability of this and would love to buy some. It smells citrusy and spicey--way better than other hand sanitizers. How great is it that our hand sanitizer can be chic too? "

Janine, Beautyfix Member, October 3, 2009
"I really appreciate having the smaller size for travel. It is quite a pleasant fragrance and I love the benefits of the essential oils in this product. Very nice! "

Stacy, Beautyfix Member, October 1, 2009
"This product is perfect for my purse and its scent is exotic. A no-brainer choice over the heavy alcohol scented alternatives. When colder weather comes around, my hands won't be dry and cracked from using other sanitizers. "

Nicole, Beautyfix Member, October 1, 2009
"This hand sanitizer is great - love the pocket size. I keep it with me and use it whenever I need it. For example, after pumping gas yesterday - that was definitely a germy situation. I like knowing that it's made with natural ingredients, unlike the standard chemical fare. "



Frais has fans among travelers, moms, business people, shoppers, diners and athletes. Visit Frais Shopping to try it yourself today!

Patricia Conway, Marketing Manager, London UK, Member CultBeauty
"Genius product: I have always been a stickler for cleanliness, but the hand sanitisers that I have tried have always dried the skin on my palms to the point where I preferred the germs. This one smells really fresh and citrus-y, but not in a loo cleaner way, it is subtle. Frais doesn't leave behind any residue at all and definitely doesn't dry my hands which makes me think this would be a good one for kids as well. "

Sarah Michaels, Event Manager, Southport UK, Member CultBeauty
"On a recent trip to LA this amazing stuff was recommended to me by a girlfriend. I'd never really paid attention to hand sanitizers until she gave me some to try after a day out on the raz! I was very sceptical but as soon as she tipped it into my hands I was hooked on the zesty fragrance and it left my hands feeling surprisingly clean and moisturised. Now I carry one of these little gems with me everywhere, especially when I'm travelling on the smelly old underground here - it's really uplifting to use and nice to know I'm killing those ratbag germs at the same time. Who needs soap and water girls? Sign in to rate this review. "

Liz, Practice Manager, East Preston UK, Member CultBeauty
"I use hand sanitizers several times every day in my work and found Frais to be perfect for the job. It doesnt dry out your skin,it smells lovely and comes in a very useful size which fits in your pocket. I'm also happy with the fact that it contains all natural ingredients and feels very much more gentle on the skin. Sign in to rate this review. "

Brave Heart, Translator, Sydney Australia, Member CultBeauty
"Great product! I think it's one of the next best things that we will have in the next few years. I can see many people using hand sanitizers but not as posh as this one. It's good for killing germs, good on your hands and it smells very nice."

Laurie, Natural Mommie Giveaway Winner
" I have received the Frais package and have begun using it -- it is terrific smelling!! It rubs in so well and doesn't leave any kind of residue on the hands. I'm so excited to give out the small samples to my friends so they can try it, too."

Stephen Marchi, San Francisco, California USA
"I'm a smoker and hate my hands smelling like smoke. I have tried Frais and it takes the smell of smoke off my hands which really makes me happy and I'm sure everyone around me. Frais is different than the other hand-sanitizers in its great smell and how fast it absorbs."

Maree Miller, North Sydney, NSW, Australia
"It felt instantly refreshing on my hands.  The scent did not have a 'clinical' odour, or an overpowering, lingering perfume. Frais should be picked up with keys, purse, mobile etc. In this day and age, Frais should be kept at all times in the car, briefcase, handbag/s".

Patrick Naong, San Francisco, California, USA
"I like the natural clean scent which is unlike other hand sanitizers that smell like alcohol.  It goes on smooth and silky, and it is easily transported."

Emma Rosen, Berkeley, California, USA
"I have dry skin and eczema, but unlike other hand sanitizers, Frais doesn't sting when I use it. What a great luxury - I feel like I'm taking good care of myself and my skin.  Would be a treat to find this during my travels.“

Quentin Lea, Kensington, NSW, Australia
"Being a male I found Frais to be refreshingly clean and pleasing on the nose without it being over powering or to sweet!   Hope this product does well as it's fabulous!!"

Stacey Forest, Detroit, Michigan, USA
“It's not as sticky as drug store brands. And I like the fragrance as it smells and feels clean."

Louise Sakana, San Francisco, California, USA
"I prefer Frais Hand Sanitizer because it has a more pleasing scent and does not dry my hands as much as drug store brands.  I would be willing to pay more for Frais than competing brands because I prefer the premium/natural ingredients in your product.  In addition, I feel it is important to support organizations that are committed to local and green business practices and will not work with partners or suppliers that condone animal testing."

April Tavin, Palo Alto, California USA
“I always get really grossed out on planes and at airports because there are SO many germs. I’m constantly using little bottles of hand sanitizer.  By the time I reach my destination my hands are very dried out from the alcohol, and my skin is extremely dry around my nails.  The money I spent before my trip on a manicure is wasted because my nail polish begins to look terrible from the alcohol in the sanitizer and wipes.

I would totally buy FRAIS. It not only cleaned my hands but also kept my skin nourished and without the usual alcohol smell.  This is one time I would not worry about what something cost since it’s for my skin.”

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Frais in Web Logs, UK and Europe, 2009


Kalimocho (UK)
31 May 2009

"Frais Hand Sanitizer .. Once only for hygiene freaks, now faithfully for all, the sanitizer has become a hand-bag must-have. This one looks classy, feels silky and smells divine, thanks to a blend of eight essentials oils."
13 May 2009

"Cult Beauty has added some fashionable glamour to the current Swine Flu epidemic with the launch of their new hand sanitizer Frais."

June 2009

"Festival beauty: hand sanitizer
A luxurious moisturising handwash, Frais Hand Sanitizer is environmentally-friendly and kills 99.9% of germs on contact. .. This pack of 14 x 6ml minis will fit in your bag to be used whenever you come in contact with germ laden environments (like the loos) at festivals. "
Cult Beauty,
15 May 2009
Look UK,
8 May 2009

Frais in Web Logs, Australia and Asia/Pacific, 2009


News 163
8 May 2009

网易 - Beijing,China
... 洁癖,成为“洗手液强迫症”(hand sanitizer obsessive compulsive disorder)患者。 ... 一些手部清洁产品,如含纯天然甘蔗酒精成分的芙芮斯(Frais)免洗洗手液, ...


Frais in all Web Logs, 2008


Daily Beauty
Daily Beauty
15 December 2008

"Let's talk about hand sanitizer. Not exactly a beauty product, right? And even if you're lenient enough to squeeze it into that category, you'd be hard-pressed to admit it's luxurious.
So when Frais Hand Sanitizer was brought to our attention, we were (almost) speechless—this might be the first hand sanitizer we'd consider an elegant skincare product... We think "hand sanitizer" may be too pedestrian for Frais. Perhaps "purifying and moisturizing hand treatment" would be a better fit."

December 2008

"..First, I adore Citrus -- but it has to work and it cannot dry my skin out. The scent is positively gorgeous -- I would definitely wear it if they made this scent as a cologne. We know it works from all the accolades from the World Health Organization, Mayo Clinic, etc. It leaves your hands feeling like you just put lotion on!!! ..."

Captivate Indulge
Captivate Indugle
Holiday Gift Guide,
December 2008

"Eco-friendly hand sanitizer smells great and makes a good stocking stuffer for the girl or guy on the go."
August 2008

".. If you are looking for a hand sanitizer that is unlike any that you can buy at your local drug store, this is what you're looking for. No stinky odor, no dry hands...Frais hand sanitizer relies on 66% sugarcane alcohol as well as natural plant oils to kill 99.9% of germs. You are getting the exact same protection as you would with the regular hand sanitizers, but using a blend of 8 natural essential oils: Ginger, Tangerine, Lemon Myrtle, Niaouli, Orange, Basil, Grapefruit and Cardamom... "
Nine By Zero,
July 2008

".The packaging looks so chic it’s the perfect hand sanitizer for fashionistas on the go..."
Top Button,
August 2008

".. Germ Free! You’ll spend the whole evening being touched by little (germ-infested) girls who are suckers for a woman in a fancy gown and all those hands you’ll be shaking—last thing you need is to catch a cold on your honeymoon eve. Frais Hand Sanitizer is moisturizing and luxurious killing 99.9% of germs on contact and is blended with eight essential oils which provide a natural aromatic sensation so you won’t smell like a bottle of rubbing alcohol... "
Vegan Beauty Review
September 2008

"..For a hand sanitizer, it smells absolutely remarkable. It has essential oils of ginger, tangerine, lemon myrtle, niaouli, orange, basil, grapefruit and cardamom. Compare those to ingredients in conventional supermarket hand sanitizers (isopropyl alcohol, carbomer, tocopheryl acetate, etc.) - yuck, no thank you. I'll take Frais, please!
Each purchase of Frais Hand Sanitizer supports Just A Drop, an international charity that provides clean water for the developing world.."
Sugar Shock,
30 July 2008

Beauty Buzzed,
November 2008
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13 November 2008
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3 November 2008
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Shop A List,
September 2008
14 July 2011
"Late last month, Cosmoprof North America announced that Frais™ All-Natural Towelettes would be introduced at Cosmoprof 2011 at the end of this month. I was fortunate enough to get to test these out! To read more about Frais, please check out the link in the first paragraph which links to the press release I previously posted. At $10 for 7 individual sachet packets, these aren't very cheap - $0.70 cents a sheet. I normally use M.A.C. Makeup Wipes which is 100 sheets for $26 (or $0.26 a sheet) and I've been told that Huggies Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes are also pretty effective (512 wipes for $33 or $0.06 a sheet) but I have not personally tried that to tackle waterproof mascara. I first decided to try the Frais by itself. As soon as you open the package, the scent of a relaxing spa hits you. Honestly, that's about the best way I can describe it because it reminds me of a spa that I went to in a nearby town. I don't know exactly what scent it is (maybe Shea Butter?). The towelette is folded several times and while it's fully wet, there is no dripping liquid in either the towelette or the package (big plus for me). I opened it up and used it on my face and definitely enjoyed the smell. I was not wearing makeup at the time but did notice that the towelette got dirty off my face effectively. My face didn't feel any different but the smell was relaxing and there was no oily or sticky residue left on my face. Because of the Eco-Friendly properties of the towelette (100% vegan, high grade, all natural ingredients), I handed one to my friend who has a massive sunburn from a day at the beach. I was a little worried on how it would react on peeling skin, but she absolutely loved it. (NOTE: The package does say to avoid use on broken or inflamed skin.) Next I tried one as a makeup remover. I had on Urban Decay Primer Potion (in Eden), eyeshadow from the Naked Palette by Urban Decay, M.A.C. Prep and Prime Lash primer, and M.A.C. Zoom Lash. Frais did well in removing all my makeup with just one towelette and minimal effort, which is the big one for me. It took about 50% more effort to remove than with a M.A.C. Makeup Wipe (so maybe 2 wipes across my eyelid instead of 1), but my skin honestly felt better afterwards. I'm starting to consider things like crows feet and bags under my eyes, so it was nice to have an all natural product to use. The last test for me was on my feet. I have a form of rheumatoid arthritis (psoriatic arthritis) and the latest in my treatment of the edema in my left ankle is to be wearing a compression sock and walking boot for the rest of 2011. I decided to clean my feet using a towelette before putting my sock and boot on and then walk around for a few hours to see if I noticed any difference. I normally wear flip flops (I do live in South Texas!) all day so my feet are normally exposed to the elements a lot. It was nice to feel my foot slightly moisturized by the towelette without an oily or sticky feeling to it and it did soften the areas on my heels that were cracking. Overall: Much like the review I did on Karuna Masks on, I absolutely love this product, but because of the price, I would tend to hold off on buying this as a regular product and instead use it for special occasions. I think this also makes a great gift as each box has the individual towelettes. "

A Moms,
21 June 2011

"Frais Towelettes Review and Giveaway
Frais is an Australian-based company founded in 2006 whose mission is to improve the health and welfare of travelers, business people and families. Frais All-Natural Towelettes are completely natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and vegan. They provide a natural method for revitalizing the skin and removing makeup with exposing the skin to toxic chemicals. Frais even donates a portion of proceeds to Just A Drop, a foundation bringing clean water to communities around the world.
Frais All-Natural Towelettes are wonderful. They are unlike any other facial cleansing wipe I have tried. I was expecting more of a “baby wipe” or a “stinging makeup remover”, but I can happily report that they are neither. I used my first wipe to freshen up in the morning and remove some leftover makeup. The towelette smelled wonderful and refreshing and was so soft and gentle on my face; I had to look down at the towelette to believe how much dirt and makeup it had removed. My two daughters quickly joined me in the bathroom and I used it on both of their faces too!
Some great things about the Frais All-Natural Towelettes are they are big enough to fully freshen up your face, hands, etc. And I love that they came individually wrapped so I can stick a few in my purse and car for when I’m out and about. Overall, I was very impressed with the towelettes felt fantastic using a product that was so eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and uses all-natural ingredients!"

tiny green mom,
15 June 2011
"Beauty, For Mom, Products
On the road this summer? Beat the heat and freshen up anytime, anywhere with these fabulous towelettes infused with natural essential oils! “Mom” is lovin’ these instant refreshers when hitting the beach or park – they can be conveniently tucked in a pocket, purse, beach tote or diaper bag for an instant clean-up when a shower is just not possible. No need to use the baby’s wipes to smell baby fresh – Frais offers a clean essence for both men & women. Plus, the towelettes will remove waterproof mascara in a pinch! Frais All-Natural Individual Towelettes contain Ginkgo Biloba, pure Shea Butter, Vitamin E and a luxurious assortment of eight Australian-blended essential oils, lifts the mind with Ginger, Tangerine, Lemon Myrtle, Niaouli, Orange, Basil, Grapefruit and Cardamom. Delightful for anyone on-the-go!"

Msn Glo,
5 June 2011

"Take Your Own Rebellious Road Trip, 20 years after Thelma and Louise
Feeling all greasy and grimy after a day of driving? Refresh your face with these revitalizing makeup removeing towelettes in handy travel sizes."

Krasey Beauty,
May 2011
"More Beauty To Go
Being germ-free is a beautiful thing, and, towards that goal, Frais Hand Sanitizer gets the job done. Non toxic and dermatologist approved, this citrus scented gel busts disease causing germs. Pretty handy (he he, get it) on a trip, if I do say so myself."

northside SF
Northside San Francisco,
June 2011
"The Weekend Traveler Kirkland Uncorked ..
Frais towelettes: ..Skin revitalizer and makeup remover in one..."
23 April, 2011
"Celebrate Earth Day All Weekend Long With These Eco-Friendly Goodies!
Taking care of our habitat shouldn't be something we consider once a year, when April 22nd rolls around and posters bearing illustrations of lush trees and perky flowers cover every store window. So, at Sicka Than Average, we've pledged to cover eco-friendly fashion and beauty all year long. And, rather than limit Earth Day to a single 24-hour celebration, we've transformed it into a weekend-long extravaganza. Yesterday, we kicked off the festivities with our first Earth Day story and, today, we're offering you more coveted finds sure to induce a sense of eco euphoria.
Frais Towelettes .. What beauty hound doesn't keep a stash of makeup removing towelettes in her bathroom cabinet? Still, many of the facial wipes in the marketplace contain cosmeceutical ingredients that dehydrate, irritate, and aggitate skin so that, while they're handy for removing makeup, they present major drawbacks. Australian brand Frais, then, offers a solution to this conundrum with their All-Natural Towelettes, which are formulated with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, moisturizing shea butter, soothing chamomile and brightening gingko balboa and alpha bisabolol. Each towelette is so saturated with moisture that it feels as gentle as a hypoallergenic baby wipe (minus the alcohol content). Thanks to a mix of eight essential oils (ginger, tangerine, lemon myrtle, niaouli, orange, basil, grapefruit and cardamom), each wipe boasts aromatherapy benefits, energizing you and lifting your spirits. Frais also gets extra points for individually packaging each towelette rather than stacking all the wipes atop one another and tucking them inside a plastic pouch with a peel-off sticker opening that will inevitably lose its adhesiveness and lead to the towelettes drying out way before they're ever used."

Daily Beauty
Daily Beauty
New Beauty Magazine,
28 April, 2011
"Refresh Your Face in One Wipe
I would love to say that I fall asleep each night with a face that has been washed, toned and moisturized. But if I said that, I wouldn’t be telling the truth. Even if it’s just a Saturday once in a blue moon (that maybe I’ve enjoyed a little bit too much), sometimes I hit the hay before the sink. It’s no coincidence that in the days that follow, my skin is dull, either too dry or too oily and the worst part: broken out. So I’m taking a stand against my awful habit. I will not go to bed without a clean face. Easier said than done. Until I came across Frais Towelettes, that is. These individually wrapped skin revitalizing and make-up removing towelettes are perfect to stash on the nightstand for a quick cleanse before bedtime. They cleanse the skin thoroughly, remove makeup (even around the eyes) and provide antioxidants. With ingredients like ginkgo biloba, vitamin E, alpha bisabolol from chamomile and shea butter, Frais Towelettes are completely hypoallergenic and 100 percent vegan. The fresh scent and a non-sticky feel have me stocking up. Throw some in your purse and your gym bag, too."

Make Up Diva,
4 April, 2011

"Frais™, the trusted Australian eco-beauty brand developed these Towelettes to provide a natural method for revitalizing the skin and removing makeup including, waterproof mascara. The have a delightful fresh scent and a smooth non-sticky feel. Formulated with Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin E, Alpha Bisabolol from Chamomile, and Shea Butter, Frais Towelettes soften skin while helping to relax tension in the face as well as provide antioxidants that help maintain the appearance of young, healthy skin. Additionally, they are infused with Les Huit, Frais’ unique blend of eight essential oils to deliver a soothing uplifting sensory experience. Packaged conveniently in packs of 10 and in individual sachets. Frais Individual Towelettes are perfect for your pocket, handbag, briefcase, gym bag or car to freshen up on a whim, providing instant luxury during the day when you need a lift! Carry one ten-pack in your tote to revitalize skin, face and body throughout the day, and leave the other on your dresser to remove all make-up in the evening and restore skin cells during sleep. "

Mommie PR,
15 April, 2011
"I rarely use any wipes on my face to remove makeup. Mainly because I never believe those claims and second because of the drying feeling they leave. However, when Frais All Natural Towelettes came, I was pleasantly surprised. I used the 1st one to remove my makeup and was extremely surprised by a nice clean face. Usually my makeup can last 2-3 days just because I can’t wash it off. The Frais wipes had a nice fragrance and were thicker than a baby wipe. It did not break out my skin, and no drying. It was nice to have around just to cool down and refresh my face. Even my youngest daughter liked them, and she is one to not want her face wiped off so much. She would ask for another wipe over and over. In fact, I believed she used all my tester sheets before I was. Overall- I would recommend anyone (even sensitive skin!!) purchase the Frais Towelettes. They are affordable and work!"

Foam Magazine,
8 April 2011
"FLASH SWEEPS: Stay Pretty @ Coachella Sweepstakes
Win one of ten beauty kits to keep you pretty at the festival! The tortoise may have won the race, but he definitely wouldn't have won one of our Stay Pretty at Coachella swag bags! .. Here's what's included to keep you from melting in the California sun: ..
Frais Hand Sanitizer .."
advice sisters
Advice Sisters,
10 April, 2011
"Marvellous, Almost Magical, Beauty Multi-Taskers
Also travel-friendly are the Frais Towelettes .. These single-serve towelettes in eco-friendly, recyclable, slim, foil packages are infused with natural, anti-bacterial and botanical extracts that combine a calming, cleansing lotion with aromatherapy and essential oils to freshen and hydrate your skin, and also remove makeup. The towelettes are no lightweight--they will even dissolve waterproof mascara. Yet, they're still good for sensitive skin (they are ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested and approved). Natural botanical extracts of Ginkgo Biloba and Alpha Bisabolol rejuvenate tired skin while, protect against environmental stress, and reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Shea Butter moisturizes, while Vitamin E from wheat germ is a good antioxidant. "Les Huit" is a mix of Ginger, Tangerine, Lemon Myrtle, Niaouli, Orange, Basil, Grapefruit and Cardamom essential oils from Australia. The blend is unique; There is an earthy, almost clay-like note, but it's also slightly herbal, and slightly lemony, and a scent I think men will find appealing, too. Take these luxurious packettes on your next trip. You will feel renewed, as you wipe away the "grime" For those who care, the product is 100% vegan, and the company uses carbon neutral shipping to all retailers and customers in the USA whenever possible. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds (not specified) goes to the Just A Drop Foundation (they bring clean water to communities around the world). "

!5 Min
15 Minute Beauty Fanatic,
5 April, 2011
"Buying More For Every Diaper Bag: Frais Hand Sanitizer
I have to admit that I'm using this hand sanitizer sparingly. Why? It's my "good" hand sanitizer. As in, I want to use it when I'm feeling special. How crazy am I??? This stuff really is amazing. It has a great citrusy scent (I love not smelling like a bottle of rubbing alcohol), dries insanely fast and most importantly, it doesn't burn my hands! It also leaves behind no residue. I'll be stocking up, but I had to share this find!"

Beauty Make Up Cosmetics Skin and Hair Care Tips,
April 2011
"Buying More For Every Diaper Bag: Frais Hand Sanitizer
I have to admit that I’m using this hand sanitizer sparingly. Why? It’s my "good" hand sanitizer. As in, I want to use it when I’m feeling special. How crazy am I??? This stuff really is amazing. It has a great citrusy scent (I love not smelling like a bottle of rubbing alcohol), dries insanely fast and most importantly, it doesn’t burn my hands! It also leaves behind no residue."

Celeb Cafe,
1 April 2011
"Frais™, the Australian based eco-beauty brand was created to add a moisturizing and luxurious distinction to the smart practice of regular hand sanitizing. The environment-friendly formula of 66% pure sugarcane alcohol kills 99.9% of germs on contact and is blended with eight essentials oils - including Ginger, Tangerine, Lemon Myrtle, Niaouli, Orange, Basil, Grapefruit and Cardamom, to provide a natural aromatic sensation. With this blend of fragrant oils, the days of leaving your hands smelling like rubbing alcohol after the use of a sanitizer are gone.
Recently, Frais launched the All-Natural Towelettes, which were developed to provide a natural method for revitalizing the skin and removing makeup without exposing the skin to toxic chemicals. The carefully formulated ingredients are completely natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic with a delightful fresh scent and a smooth non-sticky feel. Formulated with Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin E, Alpha Bisabolol from Chamomile, and Shea Butter, Frais Towelettes soften dry skin while helping to relax tension in the face as well as provide antioxidants that help maintain the appearance of young, healthy skin. Additionally, they are infused with Les Huit, Frais’ own unique blend of eight essential oils including cardamom, grapefruit, niaouli, and basil delivering an uplifting sensory experience.

The Frais Hand Sanitizer and Frais All-Natural Towelettes are packaged with 100% recycled material, certified by PETA as a ‘cruelty-free cosmetic producer’ and 100% vegan. They are available at,, and Henri Bendel. 1 grand prize winner will recieve 5 Individual Towelette Boxes (Contains 7 Individually Wrapped Towelettes, Retail $10) and 8 - 1.7 fl oz Hand Sanitizer (Retail $7) for a prize total value of $106.00."

Nurse Mommy,
1 April, 2011
"Spring Fling-Frais Hand Sanitizer
As a mother of 2 boys I am always looking for quick ways to de-germ thier grimy little hands! Unfortantely my oldest hates smells! He flips out when we use regular germ-x that has that awful alcohol smell! Luckily I have found a hand sanitizer that he loves to use!! Frais Hand Sanitizer has a wonderful citrus scent! It is so gentle on your skin while killing all the dirty germs that little boys pick up thru the day!! This product is made from herbal ingrediants like Thyme! This hand santizer is natural and earth friendly while still delivering germ killing power and leaving behind a pleasent scent that isn't overpowering. I love Frais Hand Sanitizer!!"

Clean Hippy,
31 March, 2011
"Keeping It Clean, With Eco-Friendly Sanitizer
I’m not an adherent to the sanitizer faith. I scoff at Lysol and Clorox commercials, with “responsible” mothers wandering around after their toddlers, wiping down every surface. In fact, I attribute my mother’s lax attitude toward mud pies and fingerprints as why my boyfriend is sleeping off a fever in the other room, and I feel perfectly fine. There is evidence (though not overwhelming) that over sanitizing has contributed to the rise of super bugs, and the fall of our normally robust immune systems.
However, sometimes hand sanitizer comes in handy. Like when I went with a group this summer to Governors Island, and we had to make use of the port-a-potty. Or when I’ve just stepped off of the subway, where I was sharing a pole with thousands of other commuters, and I’m in the mood for some finger food. Or last week, when I wanted to hold Mike’s brand new little niece.
Frais Hand Sanitizer Location: Coogee, Australian ..
Environmental Standards: Frais’ packaging is made from recycled plastic and paper.The company claims its sugarcane alcohol requires half of the energy to produce than the corn alcohol used in other hand sanitizer brands, and that it pays for shipping to be carbon neutral for retailers and customers in the USA “when possible.” It is also PETA certified as a cruelty free, vegan cosmetic producer. Frais regularly makes donations to Red Cross and other groups working in disaster areas, Habitat for Humanity, and a long list of other groups.
Aesthetics: The normal sized bottle is attractive, if a little bulky and weirdly shaped, but it comes in several sizes, ranging from single use sachets and a the Frais pocket, a wee 0.2 oz squeezable container which I promptly lost, all the way to a large dispenser, gift boxes, and fifty packs of the pocket size. It smells citrusy and light.
Effectiveness: A box of the larger Frais bottle comes with detailed explanations of the benefits of the various essential oils it uses, like increased circulation, help with clearing bruises, anti-inflammation, relief from muscle aches, astringent, and more woo-woo things like “renews zest for life.” Um, OK. The bottom line is that the Mayo clinic says anything with more than 60% alcohol will be effective against germs. With 66% ethyl alcohol, this sanitizer gets it done. ..
Brooklyn Bottom Line: They are both great products. Frais is marketing itself as a more upscale line, with higher price points, more bells, whistles, and essential oils, a yummier scent, and a fancy, if rather clunky, bottle. If you’re the type of girl who gets her beauty supplies from C.O. Bigelow, than by all means, pick this up for your vanity. .."

Beauty Blitz,
10 March 2011|

"Frais Hand Sanitizer
This hand sanitizer is filled with essential oils to moisturize your hands while killing germs at the same time."

Organic Spa,
7 March, 2011
"Simply Beauty
I am a self described girly girl, however I also like to keep things clean and simple. Sometimes we want to chose the easiest product in our beauty corner. No fancy packaging, no over the top fragrances and no fuss. If you are like me you might have been turned off and disappointed by easy makeup removers. The chemical smell and lack of quality turns those little towelettes from convenient into troubled skin. Fortunately writing about beauty has its advantages. I have recently tried Frais and in their own words "Natural and Revitalizing" is exactly what I got. Everything is packed so conveniently you will want to share them with your closest friends. Plus I am secretly hoping the botanical extracts of Ginkgo Biloba and Alpha Bisabolol will cure my tired dark circles. Carrying a hand sanitizer in my bag is especially important when on the go in a city environment. You never know when you might need it. This one from Frais will make for a pleasant change. Simple beauty, here we come."

March 16th, 2011
"Frais essential oils and sugarcane make up this eco hand sanitizer
If you want to stay germ-free without harsh chemicals, Frais Hand Sanitizer is the way to go (I toted the pocket sized bottle all around Disneyland this past Monday much to the delight of my entire group of girlfriends.) Eight natural essential oils (ginger, tangerine, lemon myrtle, niaouli, orange, basil, grapefruit and cardamom) and pure sugarcane alcohol work together in this vegan formula that is free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, petrochemicals, silicones, and artificial colors and fragrances. Packaged with 100% recycled material in a design-friendly bottle, this lightweight and moisturizing formula is as orglamic as they get."

Her Campus,
14 March, 2011

"2-in-1 Beauty Miracle Worker!
After a grueling hot yoga class last weekend, I was sore and sweaty. Last night's mascara had formed dark streaks and smudges down my face and my hair was a mess. All I wanted to do was to go home and take a shower! .. I should have been carrying a Frais Towelette. Frais, an Australian eco-beauty brand, developed their moisturizing towelettes to sooth dry skin while actually relieving facial tension, thanks to all-natural ingredients such as gingko biloba, Vitamin E, a chamomile extract, and shea butter. In addition to revitalizing skin, they double as makeup remover. Unlike some products, the towelettes remove makeup without leaving a greasy or oily residue behind. Because they're alcohol-free, you can gently wipe them over your skin after waxing to freshen up. For all you eco-friendly beauties, rest assured: Frais is certified by PETA as a "cruelty-free cosmetic producer." Their products are 100% vegan and the packaging is 100% recyclable. Looking back on my parking lot fiasco, I wish I had had a Frais Towelette stashed in my purse! I could have wiped away my stress and dripping makeup and given my skin some much-needed TLC to calm down before dealing with my car trouble. Heed my advice, collegiettes™: consider purchasing a package of towelettes! You never know when you might need one."

14 March, 2011
"At night, the last thing I really want to do is add any more extra steps before washing my face. Just getting motivated to wash it, is enough for me. Yet, having used these wonderful Frais Towelettes, I don't know if I can go without them anymore! Yikes. I'll admit, I'm so converted and addicted. It really feels like I'm experiencing a mini-facial spa before bed! Made with 8 essential oils, botanical extracts and Vitamin E, there is a light and fragrant scent, yet the cleansing power behind these towelettes is simply amazing! The heaviest eye-makeup, waterproof mascara, powder, etc. all clears away in a few simple and efficient swipes. Just to make sure I've removed everything, I've used the entire towelette to the point where no further make-up is picked up anywhere. The best part though, is how super clean and refreshing my skin looks and feels afterwards. The all-natural towelettes are really safe to use and non-irritating - there's no alcohol, no redness, just super clean skin. I'm so hooked and in love with these towelettes- even though it is one more step before bed, it's definitely worth feeling this pampered and indulgent!
* Natural botanical extracts of Ginkgo Biloba and Alpha Bisabolol rejuvenate tired skin while fending off environmental stresses and reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. * The rich emollient pure Shea Butter moisturizes to soften and sooth dry skin while helping to relax tension in the face. * Revitalizing antioxidant Vitamin E from wheat germ helps maintain the appearance of young, healthy skin."

Style Apoch
Style Apochethary
21 February, 2011
"The environment-frienly formula of 66% pure sugarcane alcohol kills 99.9% of germs on contact. The elegant mlange of eight natural Australian blene essential oils -- ginger, tangerine, lemon myrtle, niaouli, orange, basil, grapefruit an caramom -- conjures uplifting thoughts an leaves hans pleasantly moisturize. Frais proucts are free from unnatural chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, petrochemical cleansers, ethoxylates, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, EA, artificial colors an fragrances. Frais oes not use animal ingredients or conuct animal testing."

Style Apoch
Style Apochethary
21 February, 2011
"Do you like using hand sanitizer? I hate it but I use it because I need it.. I am a little obsessed with keeping germ free so I always have some with me... in my handbag, my desk at the office, in the kitchen.. As you all know there are some out there that are super strong and reek of alcohol and seriously, dry the heck out of my paws.. Since it's winter here it's really important to me that my hands are germ free and clean, there are too many colds and flu's going around and I don't want to be down for the count.. OK, so I mentioned it being winter, did I mention how freaking dry the air is here? I am dry so I need to be careful about using hand sanitizers.. I can't have my hands so dry, it's terrible, my hand get cracked and raw looking.. So enter, Frais, the most gentle and amazing hand sanitizer I have used.. It has a really pleasant scent it's citrusy with a touch of ginger so its got a kick.. I use several times throughout the day.. I use between a dime and quarter sized squirt and rub into my hands.. It smooths into my hands and doesn't DRY them out at all, It feels amazing and works.. I don't have to follow up with a hand moisturizer after each use either, so that is amazing.. I can use and avoid washing all the time too, so this is effectively saving my hands they don't look raw and flaky so I am in better shape and it's only been a week! "

Style Apoch
Style Apochethary
21 February, 2011

"Makeup Addict has been using Frais Everyday Hand Sanitizer for a while now. Please do not think the 66% pure sugarcane alcohol is like the alcohol in other sanitizers -- it is incredibly gentle. Frais Everyday Hand Sanitizer is so gentle -- while being effective -- that my hands have healed from the drhying of the heat and other sanitizers I used. I would try to remember to apply lotion after using them but forgot and suffered the consequences. This has a very fresh, clean fragrance which has some terrific citrus tones to it. You will not get that alcohol-y smell you get from others. Your skin will be clean and fresh -- but hydrated!! I actually use it for a couple of things that I find it effective for -- I use a drop of it on the phone after someone else uses my phone -- I use it on my keyboard -- and I use it on the handle to flush toilets. Hey, it cannot do any harm -- and possible some good - to get the germs off of those locations. I cannot carry around an antibacterial spray such as Lysol -- but this is so small you can carry it with you. Also, as Denise mentioned -- it is easy to leave one in your desk, your car, in your purse, and many other places you can think of where it will come in handy. Frais Everyday Hand Sanitizer is a real treasure and your hands will love you for using it!!!"

beauty within
Beauty Is Within,
February 2011

"Health is such an important part of your inner beauty. I just got over bronchitis, which put me in bed pretty much for a whole week. .. I know that hand sanitizers are a big thing for people who are conscious of the spread of germs. I’m not a germaphobe and I generally don’t use any hand sanitizer. I’m fine with just washing my hands, however, there have been times when it wasn’t possible to wash my hands which made me wish I did have hand sanitizer handy. My problem with most hand sanitizers are the chemicals that are put in them. Instead warding off the germs that get you sick, I think it’s these chemicals that actually make you sick. You put the hand sanitizer on your hand and then those chemicals are transferred to the food you eat - if you're eating something like a sandwich. Or you bite your fingernails...or lick your fingers after eating chicken... I was a little hesitant to try out Frais hand sanitizer until I found out that it contains natural non-toxic ingredients like ginger, tangerine, lemon myrtle, niaouli, orange, basil, grapefruit, and cardamom. Other ingredients include Australian-blended essential oils, and 66% high grade eco-friendly sugarcane alcohol. My nose really picks up the scent of the ginger in Frais hand sanitizer. What I like most is that it leaves your hands feeling real clean and fresh. It doesn't have that residue that I feel with other sanitizers. "

Environ Booty,
25 February, 2010
"If you are at all like me, and if you are a mom, I bet you are, then you carry those little bottles of hand santizers around in your handbags and they are in constant use. The problem with most of these bottles of santizers is they contain triclosan, a pesticide that actually weakens the immune system. That defeats the whole point of slathering them on ourselves and our families. I recently came across a product with which I fell for hook, line, and sinker.
The people that created Frais hand santizer really hit a home run with this product. It comes in a little bottle but it packs a powerful punch. I can use it on my babies with no worries about what chemicals I am putting in their tiny little bodies. Most hand sanitizers, aside from the chemicals in which they are based, leave my hands dry and scaly. Since the natural oils in your skin actually do help protect us from germs absorbing into our bodies, dry hands, in my view, defeat the whole purpose of putting hand sanitizer on my hands in the first place. This beautiful little product left my hands soft, supple and protected along with smelling absolutely good enough to eat.
Frais Hand Sanitiser is luxurious, portable and made from natural, non-toxic ingredients. Most importantly it contains 66% natural alcohol that (according to the Centre for Disease control and The Mayo Clinic) kills 99.9% of germs encountered in everyday life, including influenza, the common cold, MRSA and many others. Made with eco-friendly sugarcane alcohol and a blend of eight essential oils, the sanitiser actually helps to moisturise and has a an uplifting citrus aroma. The Organic Blonde is giving away, to three lucky winners, a gift pack with 14 pocket bottles (6ml each) of Frais hand sanitizer, this wonder in a bottle. ",
4 February, 2011

"Good Things Come In Small Packages
As anyone who’s survived a fashion week is well aware, you basically live out of your bag from sunrise until long past sunset (stopping home in between shows and after-parties is completely out of the question). So when it comes to purse size, the bigger the better—the better to hold your laptop, iPhone, digital camera, notebook, a pair of flats, and the assorted mix of miniature beauty products you will surely need to keep that pale complexion and those greasy bangs from getting in the way of street-style superstardom. Here, we’ve amassed a short list of our favorite shrunken-down beauty essentials to help you make it through the non-stop hustle and bustle of New York fashion week. ..
Frais Skin Revitalizer + Makeup Remover Towelettes Need a makeup redo between shows? Whip out one of these refreshing and hydrating cloths to quickly prep your face for that next round of concealer and mascara."

Best Health,
27 October, 2010

" Yes, even hand sanitizers come in luxury brands. New from Australia, this product contains a blend of eight essential oils including orange, basil and ginger to leave your hands smelling perfumed, not antiseptic. But the formula also gets the sanitizing job done—66% sugarcane alcohol kills 99.9% of germs on contact. Frais is not yet available in Canadian stores, but the online store does ship to Canada. "

2 February, 2011
"Best Face Forward: Surviving NYFW With C.O. Bigelow
New York Fashion Week might only last from February 10 through the 17, but by the end of it, attendees often wind up looking like they've been awake for a month straight. While it might be impossible to get a full night's sleep, though, there are always tricks of the trade to make it appear as if you were catching up on your z's while in reality you were catching up with Johnny Walker at Don Hills. We asked Ian Ginsberg, proprietor of C.O Bigelow, the oldest apothecary in America, to recommend his five favorite in-store items for weary industry insiders—or anyone else who's anticipating a tough mid-winter week. His suggestions, this way
3.) Frais Skin Revitalizing Towelettes: These multi-purpose cloths instantly clean, calm, and hydrate skin. The natural botanicals help wake you up, while the shea butter softens and soothes to help relax tension in the face (so that even if you feel stressed, you won't look it.) These are great for all skin types and are strong enough to remover waterproof makeup if necessary. .."

12 February, 2011

"So Fresh And So Clean: Frais Hand Sanitizer
It’s mid-winter and my family has had its fair share of sniffles, coughs and one violent stomach bug. We were headed to visit family to show off the new baby and I packed my new container of Frais Hand Sanitizer in my carry-on to help keep us from picking up even more bugs. Like any other sanitizer it’s 66% alcohol base helped kill off 99.9% of germs and a few days after returning home we appear to have dodged any sickness bullets. But if the chemicals of your typical hand sanitizer make you want to take you chances with the bugs, there are a few things that set Frais apart. The alcohol that kills the bugs is made from sugarcane and the other ingredients include ginger, tangerine, lemon myrtle, niaouli (an evergreen tree), orange, basil, grapefruit and cardamom oils. Although still drying, I found this sanitizer to be less drying than usual. The upside was the nice fresh, citrusy-botanical scent. Plus, like all other Frais products it is free of parabens, propylene glycol, petrochemicals, ethoxylates, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, DEA, sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial colors or fragrances and certified by PETA to be cruelty free and vegan."

Truth Aging
Truth in Aging,
9 January 2011
"It’s that time of the year when germs spread faster than you can say “flu shot.” With that said, you better wash your hands (especially if you deal with public transportation, like me in NYC). Even better, carry around a hand sanitizer. Sure, it may seem obsessive, but I did not get a flu shot so I can’t take any chances. Luckily I recently discovered Frais Hand Sanitizer, which is like an upgrade from your average one. Frais Hand Sanitizer comes from Australia, home of all-natural and organic, so I knew there’d be some goodies. And there are. Not only is the alcohol from sugarcane, which produces three times more alcohol per area than corn, but the alcohol from sugar cane consumes four times less energy. Good to know! Frais Hand Sanitizer is also packed with great essential oils, a whopping eight in total, including: ginger, tangerine, lemon myrtle, niaouli, orange, basil, grapefruit and cardamom. So as you would imagine, it doesn’t only make the scent more enticing but that extra protection for your hands. Tangerine alone treats skin ailments and increases circulation, while lemon myrtle is a natural antiseptic. Basil improves skin tone and orange is a natural antioxidant that protects your skin cells from damage. It keeps going! Cardamom has anti-inflammatory properties and grapefruit has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, not to mention it tones the skin and tissues. Frais Hand Sanitizer is only $3.50 for the pocket size. A truly terrific bargain that smells great and keeps you from catching germs."

1 February 2011

"Frais Hand Sanitizer helps keep germs away this winter with a bit of luxury
The importance of keeping hands clean and germ free is not lost on most people. In a fast-paced society such as the one we reside in, ease of use and convenience is high on the list of priorities. Aiming to answer these demands while adding a sense of luxury, Frais Hand Sanitizer is now available in purse size. Frais was created to add a bit of glamour to the smart practice of regular hand sanitizing. The formula is environment-friendly containing 99% sugarcane alcohol that kills 99% of germs on contact. Eight essential oils are also included - ginger, tangerine, lemon myrtle, niaouli, orange, basil, grapefruit and cardamom - which help to improve the aromatic experience. Gone are the days of hands smelling like rubbing alcohol! Frais' hand sanitizers are free from parabens, mineral oils, silicones, petrochemical cleaners, and artificial colors and fragrances. "

!5 Min
15 Minute Beauty Fanatic,
7 January, 2011

"My Hospital Bag: Packed (Again!)
Hospital bag, pregnancy, what to pack, travel There are oodles of posts on-line about what to bring with you to the hospital when in labor. The hospital bag is highly debated- do you just rely on what the hospital can provide or go all out pampering for mommy? How much paraphernalia do you bring for being actually in labor? I could go on and on. I found lists that were pages long and included things like bringing in your breast pump. So, I somewhat approached my bag by seeking a middle ground. I have some stuff for being in labor (a handheld massager from Bath & Body Works, some hard candy to suck on, I'll likely bring my computer for emailing later on but it also has all of my music). My issue really is that I have no idea how long I'll be in the hospital (24 hours after a regular delivery, 3-4 days after a c-section), so I need to plan for that. I'm also very into beauty products and somewhat pampering myself, so I didn't want to skip steps. Somehow I did manage to pare it down. I think I was also able to do this because I was admitted a few weeks ago, my previous version of the hospital bag was somewhat haphazard and had way too much stuff (though in my defense I had mostly packed it while dry heaving from a virus before heading in). Regardless, here's what a high maintenance beauty blogger brings in her make up kit...
2.) Frais Towelettes: During my 24 hour super pregnant with the flu admission, I didn't really feel like using the rough hospital towels to wash my face. (I use them on-call, and they're great for physical exfoliation, I just felt crummy) I used some Olay wipes instead, which was great. The Frais version is even more portable and the wipes are larger..."

9 January, 2011
"Fashion Forum
It’s that time of the year when germs spread faster than you can say “flu shot.” With that said, you better wash your hands (especially if you deal with public transportation, like me in NYC). Even better, carry around a hand sanitizer. Sure, it may seem obsessive, but I did not get a flu shot so I can’t take any chances. Luckily I recently discovered Frais Hand Sanitizer, which is like an upgrade from your average one. Frais Hand Sanitizer comes from Australia, home of all-natural and organic, so I knew there’d be some goodies. And there are. Not only is the alcohol from sugarcane, which produces three times more alcohol per area than corn, but the alcohol from sugar cane consumes four times less energy. Good to know! Frais Hand Sanitizer is also packed with great essential oils, a whopping eight in total, including: ginger, tangerine, lemon myrtle, niaouli, orange, basil, grapefruit and cardamom. So as you would imagine, it doesn’t only make the scent more enticing but that extra protection for your hands. Tangerine alone treats skin ailments and increases circulation, while lemon myrtle is a natural antiseptic. Basil improves skin tone and orange is a natural antioxidant that protects your skin cells from damage. It keeps going! Cardamom has anti-inflammatory properties and grapefruit has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, not to mention it tones the skin and tissues. Frais Hand Sanitizer is only $3.50 for the pocket size. A truly terrific bargain that smells great and keeps you from catching germs."

23 December, 2010

"Holiday Hit List: Last Minute Stocking Stuffers
So you slacked a bit neglecting the holiday gift-giving season. Last minute buying is always a chore, thus make it a breeze and simply click, buy and ship. We’ve done the due diligence sourcing the market for easy beauty and grooming buys...
If you call yourself a clean freak discover a new luxe kind of clean: the Frais™ All-Natural Towelettes ($11). Formulated with a special blend of eight Australian essential oils including cardamom, grapefruit, niaouli, and basil—each Frais towel is a 100 percent vegan, dermatologist-approved wipe-in-one packet intended for not just cleaning …it also contains an aromatic calming mixture that’ll enlighten senses..."

!5 Min
15 Minute Beauty Fanatic,
30 December, 2010

"Frais Towelettes: A Portable Spa in a Packet
Frais towelettes review I love the towelettes that are available now, whether they come from the drug store or department store. Unfortunately, not all towelettes are created equal. Some are much too small, some barely clean anything off of my face, leave a strange residue behind or smell gross. These towelettes have none of those issues. The Frais towelettes are a bit bigger than usual (8x7.5 inches), have a light fresh scent, and clean everything easily and quickly. When I say everything, I mean these towelettes will even take off waterproof mascara! They're perfect for travel (I think leaving one in my 3-1-1 bag is a great idea), my diaper bag, in my purse, or just to use at home."

Cewleb Ev,
15 December, 2010
"Sparkle This Winter
Don’t forget in colder weather, the best way to remove makeup and city grime is a super moisturizing makeup remover towel like Frais Towelettes. These darling little gems are also perfect for freshening up after a yoga workout, too. And I love the crisp blue elegant packaging. Bravo!

Style Apothecary,
1 December, 2010
" I've been a fan of Fraise's hand sanitizier for a couple of years now. I have a bottle at my office, have a couple of travel sizes for the gym and for my pocketbook, and one in my car. It is pretty much the only hand sanitizier that not only cleans my hands, but doesn't dry them out - it actually makes them pretty soft. So it's no surprise to me that I am hooked on the these little towelettes as well. I got the opportunity to sample a few of the towelettes and immediately made a mental note to grab a box or two of these. Again, Frais succeeds where other similar products do not in that they do not dry the skin out. I don't know if it's the alcohol content in other products or what, but Frais soothes and softens the skin while cleaning it. As a make-up remover I find that it really goes to town to get the days cosmetics off my face - granted I still do need to use my regular cleanser to remove the last bit of mascara, but not much let me tell you. As a body and skin revitalizer, these are great after working out when I don't have time for a shower and just kind of want to freshen up a bit - these are perfect for that. They smell so good too - it's a clean, fresh scent - not at all medicinal or nasty. These little satchets would make great stocking stuffers for your favorite guys and gals.... check out the other Frais products while you're at it. Just a quality company with excellent products."
by Jaime Richards
22 November, 2010
" Holiday Survival Guide: Go From Day to Night in 5 Easy Steps
Do you feel it in the air? It's party season, and that means you probably have more than just one festive social function marked in your calendar. But it also probably means you have very little time to actually get ready for said soirées. That's why I've devised this quick and simple multitasking guide for going from work to holiday gatherings in a flash. To see the step-by-step list, just keep reading.
2. Revitalize: Before the party, refresh skin and makeup with a very light swipe of one moisturizing towelette. Try Frais Skin Revitalizer and Makeup Remover Towelettes "

15 November, 2010
"Frais Towelettes are eco-friendly, which I immediately loved. They contain all natural ingredients like essential oils, botanical extracts, Vitamin E and Shea Butter. They’re 100% vegan and they come to you in 100% recyclable packaging. Speaking of packaging, each towelette is individually wrapped, preventing your beauty investment from drying out and losing it’s magic. It also makes it easy to bring one along when you travel, head to the gym, or need a mid-day refresher!
I reached for one after a long day of work and the scent immediately captivated me: a mix of things like cardamom, grapefruit, and basil. I felt like I was in a spa! The towel is the perfect size: not too big, not too small. Also, it isn’t overly saturated with product, so it doesn’t leave your face dripping wet. The formula isn’t sticky and immediately seemed to calm my red and tired cheeks.
Bottom line? It just made my skin feel healthy! As far as removing makeup, I’d say 95% was gone at first swipe. For things like thick liner and mascara, it took a bit of extra work, but eventually came right off. And because the product is opthamologist tested, I knew it was A-OK to work the towel around my eyes.
Overall, I give Frais All-Natural Towelettes an A! They’ll definitely be coming home with me this Thanksgiving!"

Metrosource Nov2010
November 2010

"Traveling often means getting up-close-and-personal with questionable conditions; so arm yourself with Frais Luxury Hand Sanitizer. The individually-boxed vials kill germs with a delicious citrus scent."
Jonathan Pope
Jonathan Pope Blog,
4 October, 2010
"Frais Pocket Hand Sanitizer -Les Huit 0.2 fl oz. Frais: In this season of widespread illness, hygiene is a crucial factor in maintaining healthy bodies and preventing the spread of recent pandemics with which were faced. Throw out the triclosan-based sanitizers that leave your hands feeling painfully raw, as this formula kills germs without irritation. The active ingredient, ethyl alcohol, is accompanied by skin-nourishing essential oils for a sensually pleasant experience. Ginger, tangerine, niaouli, grapefruit, lemon myrtle, basil and cardamom make this hand sanitizer a refreshing and renewing way to do something nice for your skin and your health."

28 September 2010

"There’s no point in having soft hands if they’re not clean. So invest in another invention from Oz – Frais Hand Sanitizer, £6.50 ( A chic hand sanitiser, produced with the least possible impact on the environment, Frais is an effective weapon to help protect from the threat of flu, the common cold, MRSA and other bugs transferred by touching dirty surfaces. It also has a beautifully zingy, citrus scent (unusual for a sanitiser) thanks to the eight essential oils in every bottle. No wonder the Australians always look so healthy..."

Beauty Fix
2010 Catalog

“Out of the hand sanitizers I’ve used, this is one of the best.” – Dr. Chip Cole - Opthamalic and Plastic Surgeon
Fitness Magazine Blog,
4 May, 2010

"Clean Hands, Clean Face
But when I want sanitized AND silky soft hands, I always turn to Frais. Their sanitizers somehow not only clean your hands but they turn them into silky soft caressing machines!

Now, this Australian company has just released new towelettes with a whole new purpose. They’ve moved from your hands, to your face. Frais All-Natural Towelettes are formulated with natural anti-bacterial and botanical extracts to rejuvenate tired skin and remove make-up while fending off environmental stresses. The gentle, yet highly effective formula instantly cleans, calms and hydrates the skin.

Frais All-Natural Towelettes are infused with amazing natural botanical extracts, each with a purpose: Natural botanical extracts of Ginkgo Biloba and Alpha Bisabolol rejuvenate tired skin while fending off environmental stresses. Pure Shea butter is a rich emollient with superior moisturizing qualities that soften and soothe dry skin while helping to relax tension in the face. Vitamin E is a revitalizing antioxidant that helps maintain the appearance of young, healthy skin. Les Huit, an elegant mélange of 8 Australian-blended essential oils, lifts the mind with ginger, tangerine, lemon myrtle, niaouli, orange, basil, grapefruit and cardamom. .. So, now there’s no excuse to have anything less than a naturally clean face or clean set of hands. "

Glow Blog,
23 February, 2010
"New Mom Beauty Product Lifesavers
Recently my life changed when I joined a new club called “mommyhood”. Time management has taken on a whole new meaning and as cliché as it sounds: there are simply NOT enough hours in the day. Feeding, changing, entertaining, and holding your little bundle of joy leaves you without much time for a beauty regimen. To be honest, some days it feels like there is barely enough time to shower! Here are a few beauty product lifesavers that I’ve come to rely on day in and day out... 4. Frais Hand Sanitizer – l am not exaggerating when I say there is a bottle in every room of my house. I love that Frais doesn’t irritate my hands the way most other anti-bacterial hand sanitizers have in the past. The essential oils act as a moisturizer and are a key component in keeping my hands soft and germ free."

AOL Stylelist,
23 February 2010
"Luxe Hand Sanitizer Frais to Launch on HSN
From the land down under comes a luxurious way to ward off germs, both at home and on the go. Frais is an all-natural, eco-friendly hand sanitizer that's way more fitting for a fashionista to pull out of her new Ferragamo bag than Purell, and it's launching on HSN on February 25. What's the difference between Frais and all the other hand sanitizers on the shelves? Pretty much everything, from the packaging (it's recyclable) to the ingredients (sugarcane alcohol and eight Australian essential oils including grapefruit, cardamom, basil and niaouli) to the scent (it's a far cry from the industrial cleaning product aroma you're used to). Frais actually makes your hands feel soft and conditioned, as opposed to dry and tight. The brand is 100-percent vegan, not tested on animals and their Sydney headquarters uses wind and solar power to reduce their impact on the environment. And, just in case you need one more reason to try it, Frais donates a portion of its proceeds to Just A Drop, a foundation that brings safe drinking water to communities around the world."

Blissful lBee Blog,
21 January 2010
"Frais Hand Sanitizer Giveaway
Frais is an eco-friendly, all-natural, vegan hand sanitizer which kills 99.9% of germs with high-grade, energy efficient sugarcane alcohol rather than low-grade, harsh everyday rubbing alcohol. It then adds its own unique blend of 8 Australian essential oils including cardamom, grapefruit, niaouli, and basil delivering a soothing, uplifting sensory experience."

16 January, 2010

"What can you do to stay healthy? Wash your hands with the aforementioned soap and hot water. On the go, try a squirt of PETA-certified vegan, chemical-free Frais Hand Sanitizer, which uses renewable sugarcane alcohol and a blend of eight essential oils to kill 99.99% of germs—and donates a portion of proceeds to clean water non-profits. Or wipe hands (and handles) with a paraben- and phthalate-free Cleansing Towelette infused with organic aloe, comfrey, ginger root and chamomile from MD Moms or an alcohol-free, biodegradable Eat Cleaner individually-packaged food (and hand) wipe, which utilizes citric acid, an anti-viral, to safely clean hands as well as it cleans produce. "

Frais in Web Logs, USA and Canada, 2009

USA spaceCanada

18 December 2009

"Beauty Editors' Workday Must-Haves
Being a beauty editor has a lot of perks (read: tons of freebies), which means that when it comes to our at-work arsenal of products, we've basically got it down to a science. What follows is our favorite desk drawer items—lush hand sanitizers, flattering concealers, a non-staticky brush—that make emergencies easier to navigate, and every day a little easier.
Frais Everyday Hand Sanitizer (1.7 oz)
This hand sanitizer absorbs instantly and leaves my hands with a fresh citrus scent. Plus, I love the cute packaging."

Toronto Star
Toronto Star,
5 October, 2009

"Fight swine flu while smelling your best
The fight against flu is going upmarket. An Australian company is touting a high-end hand sanitizer that aims to elevate disinfection from annoyance to extravagance. Frais – pronounced "fray," as in the French word for fresh – gets its germ-killing properties from sugar-cane alcohol, which is said to be gentler on the skin than varieties contained in drugstore brands. It is also peppered with a proprietary blend of eight essential oils that moisturize the skin while producing an aroma more reminiscent of an eau de cologne than a medical clinic. ... "It's like a bottle of wine ... (The scent) matures over time," said Davis-Smith. Public health officials point out that any hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of 60 per cent or more – Frais is 66 per cent alcohol – can be effective in killing the germs that cause many respiratory illnesses, including H1N1 flu. "If the product has at least 60 per cent alcohol and if it's effective – we're certainly in favour of anything that encourages people to wash or sanitize their hands," said Dr. Sarah Wilson of Toronto Public Health...Recently they've pitched the merits of travel-sized bottle to major airlines. Main said he's done research that indicates 45 per cent of airline passengers use the lavatory to wash their hands before their inflight meal; he theorizes that if those passengers were handed a vial of Frais as an alternative, the airlines could save on fuel costs by hauling less water. "

USA Today,
27 October 2009

"Swine flu fears have marketers getting creative with sanitizers
It had to come down to this eventually: designer hand sanitizers...Retailers are latching on to the notion of hand sanitizers as fashion accessories, such as on cute key chains designed to dangle from student backpacks. ..Other upscale brands in the mix: EO and Frais. The number of hand sanitizer products rolled out through mid-October this year is five times the number introduced in all of 2005, reports researcher Datamonitor. .. "Concern about germs has grown from a small segment of people to a culturally accepted practice." Among the "fashion" players: ..Frais. The Aussie firm sells designer hand sanitizer in the spa at Miami Beach's Fontainebleau resort, says Laura Chisholm, who oversees sales."

27 November 2009

"'Holiday Gift Guide
I really love this time of year. Not only do people get gussied up but so do products! .. With so many parties and get-togethers, do yourself and everyone a favor and carry FRAIS Hand Sanitizer in your evening bag. It comes to us from Australia and is made from 66% sugarcane alcohol that kills 99.9% of germs and contains eight essential oils like ginger, tangerine and cardamom. Hand sanitizing just got chic! "
Natural Mommies,
27 November 2009
"Frais is back at Natural Mommie, thankfully just in time for flu season!! Just as a little recap here's some info about this great Australian company. Frais creates eco-friendly, luxurious and aromatherapeutic, all natural , vegan hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs without the traditional chemicals found in other hand sanitizers. Frais' high grade sugarcane alcohol and moisturizing essential oils make it possible to stay safe from germs throughout the day without drying the hands from using chemicals and it is completely plant based! We're in the middle of the lovely H1N1 pandemic so I have bottles of hand sanitizer peeking out of every nook and cranny, pocket, glove box and purse. With regular hand sanitizers, I always feel conflicted when I use them on my toddler. I mean, I have to keep his hands germ free, but part of me always wonders if I'm doing more bad than good by using sanitizer. Luckily Frais is free of artificial ingredients, the scent is lovely and not overwhelming in the least, and it truly is moisturizing so I have no worries about using it with my son. The beautiful packaging {pretty packaging for hand sanitizer? that's a first!} is recyclable and looks more like a fancy bottle of lotion than anything else. It's no wonder Frais is getting all sorts press about being a "sexy sanitizer"! For review, I picked out what I find most practical to have this holiday season: the Frais Holiday Gift Set . As a gift, it's perfect for travelers and anyone frequently on the go. The size was designed to slip into a standard ziplock bag to pass through airport security which is why I'm pleased to have this with me for when I fly in 3 weeks. The set includes fourteen 6ml units that I would estimate you get about 15 or more uses out of each. My husband keeps them in his jacket and loves them. The elegant and uplifting scent is made up of eight natural essential oils that includes Ginger, Tangerine, Lemon Myrtle, Niaouli, Orange, Basil, Grapefruit and Cardamon. Natural Mommies, if you haven't tried it yet, definitely put this naturally moisturizing, eco-friendly hand sanitizer on your list of must haves! There's a reason why celebs like Carrie Underwood, Kelly Ripa, America Ferrera, and Britney Spears are all fans!! And how's this for an idea to keep friends and family members germ free for the holidays - buy this gift set and attach one to each of their presents under the tree! { the giveway } Frais is giving THREE lucky readers each a Holiday Gift Set of Frais pocket sized sanitizers!"
12 December 2009

The Best of BeautyFix: Autumn 2009 Edition
"Whenever I get that black bag filled with products from BeautyFix, I’m like a kid in Dylan’s Candy Shop. I know that a lot of these products are personally cherry picked by experts and I’m always on the hunt for something that’s revolutionary or magical (and remember you can reserve your bag each season for $49.99). Here are some of my favorite items from the Autumn Black Bag of BeautyFix Goodies ..
Frais Hand Santizier is tiny as a charm and perfect for your pocket book. Plus it wards off H1N1 with a refreshing smell that’s not nauseating. This Australian company gets top marks in our books."

Best Health
Best Health Magazine,
October 2009

"5 hand sanitizers to try
Stock up on hand sanitizers to keep your paws clean this flu season

Yes, even hand sanitizers come in luxury brands. New from Australia, this product contains a blend of eight essential oils including orange, basil and ginger to leave your hands smelling perfumed, not antiseptic. But the formula also gets the sanitizing job done—66% sugarcane alcohol kills 99.9% of germs on contact. Frais is not yet available in Canadian stores, but the online store does ship to Canada..."

Eco Diva
30 September 2009

"Ethical Luxury + Hand Sanitizer = Frais
With this crazy flu season approaching, and my little eco-toddler starting pre-school for the very first time there are a few things I carry with me at all times. Besides a lipstick, my cell phone and a Larabar for my son (peanut butter please) if you look in ANY purse or bag I carry at any time, you will ALWAYS find at least one small container of hand sanitizer. I was very excited to find a company that combined the luxury of quality that I love with a hand sanitizer that doesn't make mt eyes water or my hands stinky. What I LOVE About Frais Han Sanitizer: The Smell is amazing. Made with Ginger, Tangerine, Lemon Myrtle, Niaouli, Orange, Basil, Grapefruit and Cardamom - both my eco-toddler and my eco-dude, LOVE the smell. Evaporates quickly leaving your hands super soft. Recyclable Vegan Cruelty Free "

12 November, 2009
"Hand sanitizers work by creating a smug layer of, "I'm so clean, look at me" to a user's hands - seriously they function by stripping away the outer layer of oil on the skin. Sales of these products have soared by up to 80% in the past two years according to the Cosmetic Toiletry & Perfumery Association. Most hand sanitizer is 62 percent alcohol – more than most vodka, which averages about 40 percent alcohol. The high concentration, say the manufacturers, is needed to kill germs. Some brands contain more than 60 per cent alcohol - the website YouTube is literally awash (ahem) with videos of students drinking the hand gel or lighting it on fire for kicks. Products such as Frais are the natural alternative to chemical based hand sanitizers and contain a gentler sugar-cane alcohol. They have become cult accessories for the eco-conscious."

November 2009

"If your style is a little more subtle and high end than Ed Hardy, then you have clean hands with Frais Hand Sanitizer.  The Australian company is sold at Miami’s exclusive Fontainebleau Resort spa.  You can get a ”serious sized Frais Hand Sanitizer designed for where you spend the most time” for a mere $29.  If they only knew I spend most of my time on toilet….."

11 November, 2009

"For the Gracious Hostess
Try to serve individual portions of hors d'oeuvres in small containers like shot glasses or small take-out style boxes. And make sure there is plenty of serving-ware so guests hopefully won't use their hands in the nut dish.
Place bottles of hand sanitizer in the restrooms or discreetly in the kitchen so guests can quickly cleanse. Recent studies show that hand sanitizer (especially those with alcohol) are more effective than hand washing. We love eco-friendly, fresh-smelling Frais or the good ol' standard hand sanitizer standby. "

Pamper Yourself
Pamper Yourself Blog,
3 November 2009

"Hand Sanitizer - A Must
With all the viruses going around these days, the scare of the H1N1, colds and germs having a hand sanitizer with you at all times is a must. It is even more of a must if you have kids. Keeping the germs from taking over our lives is huge right now. I recently received my fall Beautyfix Bag and it was filled with a great hand sanitizer from Frais. Frais Pocket Hand Sanitizer is a great little product. It works well and smells wonderful. It does not leave your hands smelling like you just applied hand sanitizer since it has ginger, tangerine, lemon mytrle, niaouli, orange, basil, grapefruit and cardamon in it. The only down fall of the product is how small it is. This pocket hand sanitizer would last less than a day at my house. I would need a larger bottle, like the Frais Everyday. But I do recommend this product not only for its smell but because it is not tested on animals and comes at a great price, $3.50. "

Lis Loves
Lis Loves
4 November 2009

"Beautyfix Love: October Kit Review
Frais Hand Sanitizer (travel size, 0.2 oz) I just love the way this smells - it's not chemically at all like a lot of other hand sanitizers. It's a nice lemony fresh smell and the size is perfect for throwing into a clutch!"
The Knack
30 October 2009
"Carrying hand sanitizer in your purse has probably become second nature. But what does the one you're currently carrying have in it? Does it reek of alcohol and chemicals? I'm sure. That's why you should switch to Frais Hand Sanitizers. Their mandate is "to add luxury to the smart practice of hand sanitizing." Les Huit is a blend of 8 essential oils (ginger, tangerine, lemon, myrtle, niaouli, orange, basil, grapefruit and cardamom) and sugarcane alcohol that kills 99.9% of germs. Not only will your hands smell spicy and enticing, but they won't dry out. It comes in different sizes, so that you can customize it to your bag - there's the Pocket, Everyday, Gift, Spa and Travel. Why not use a hand sanitizer with healthy ingredients that smells great and won't parch your skin in the process?"

Advice Sisters,
Holiday 2009

"Nothing can ruin your holiday cheer faster than a winter illness. Keep your hands clean, even when you can't get to a sink to wash them with soap and water, with a good hand sanitizer. One I like is the new, eco-friendly Frais Hand Sanitizer $3.50 0.2 fl. oz; $7.00 1.7 fl. oz, $29.00 15 fl. oz.  The product is 100% vegan, made of all natural ingredients. The light gel feels refreshing and cooling on your skin, and  "Les Huit," the company's mélange of eight natural Australian-blended essential oils, creates a scent is as complex as a fancy perfume: a delightful, spicy, blend of ginger, tangerine, lemon myrtle, niaouli, orange, basil, grapefruit and cardamom. This is a green company, that not only has recyclable packaging, but it's sugarcane alcohol requires five to ten times less energy to produce than the corn alcohol used in other hand sanitizer brands. The company headquarters sources Green power such as wind and solar. Part of every purchase of the product to the Just A Drop Foundation, supporting water, sanitation and health projects around the world. Get the big bottle for yourself and your home. Gift the smaller-sized bottle (fits into any pocket or purse, and it looks so cute!)  into everyone's stocking. Better yet, tie a ribbon on a bottle for each of your work colleagues, and let the "Secret Santa" help keep them from spreading germs, too. "

Mom Fuse,
5 October, 2009
"Stocking Stuffer: Frais All-natural, Eco-friendly, Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer
Frais is an all-natural, eco-friendly, moisturizing hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs with sugarcane alcohol that is blended with 8 Australian essential oils for an aromatherapeutic, moisturizing experience. Frais comes in several sizes as well as a gift set of 14 minis – perfect for stocking stuffers! Frais™, the Australian-based pioneer in the emerging luxury hand sanitizer market, made its American debut at STUDIO Fred Segal in Santa Monica, California, Zitomer in New York City, and Beauty Habit online earlier this year. Dermatologist-approved, Frais is formulated with Les Huit™, an elegant mélange of eight natural essential oils that includes Ginger, Tangerine, Lemon Myrtle, Niaouli, Orange, Basil, Grapefruit and Cardamom. This specially created Australian blend conjures uplifting thoughts and leaves hands pleasantly moisturized. "

MyStule Blog,
23 September, 2009

"Show Your Love With a Cancer Care Package
Each year about 180,000 U.S. women are diagnosed with breast cancer. If your friend or family member is one of them, you can make her a tender-loving-cancer-care (TLCC) kit. We've assembled some ideas to get you started, but you know your friend best. Don't be afraid to get creative!
(Frais Hand Sanitizer pictured)
Hand Sanitizer: It's important to keep germs as far away as possible."

In New York Style,
2 October 2009

"Finally a Hand Sanitizer I Wouldn't Mind Using
If there was ever a time to keep those hands sanitized, then now would be that time. Frais is an all natural, vegan hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs. The key ingredient is high-grade energy efficient sugarcane alcohol. This product also contains essential oils, cardamom, grapefruit, niaouli, and basil. An elegant solution to dealing with those nasty germs, and poorly scented and dry skin inducing germ killers. "

Access Hwd,
24 August 2009

"LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- The latest “It Bag” for me these days isn’t from Chanel or Louis Vuitton or Prada. It’s my diaper bag and here are my fave essentials for today’s Friday Five:
I’ve become a germaphobe since having a baby…it’s good to always be prepared! Frais Hand Sanitizer Les Huit kills 99.9% of germs, but it’s made with only natural, non-toxic ingredients including ginger, tangerine, lemon myrtle, and basil. Hollywood moms Kelly Ripa and Jennie Garth love this naturally moisturizing eco- friendly sanitizer, which is recyclable, cruelty free and vegan."
3 April, 2009

"Hand Sanitizer Obsessed? Frais is Your Solution
If you've got HSOCD (that's Hand Sanitizer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), the symptoms are clear: .. dry, flaky, itchy fingers and palms due to the heavy alcohol content of most hand sanitizers. .. But, praise the Beauty gods, I've finally found a solution - Frais. .. eight hydrating essential oils known as Les Huit which include ginger, tangerine, and lemon myrtle that leave hands unbelievably smooth and create a sensual citrus aroma-a far cry from the usual putrid, itchy drydown. .. No wonder it's a fan favorite among celebs like Kelly Ripa, America Ferrera, Britney Spears, and Carrie Underwood. And the brand goes way beyond keeping us fresh and clean. Frais has teamed up with UK foundation "Just A Drop" to support water, sanitation and health projects all over the globe."

Peter Greenberg
27 April, 2009

"10 Useful New Green Travel Gadgets
Think green travel gadgets have to break the bank? Think again. We’ve rounded up some eco-friendly gear and socially conscious companies that can also make your travel experiences a little easier...
Travel usually means coming into contact with germs, so the Australian-based Frais produced a 100-percent vegan product in a recyclable container made out of sugarcane alcohol rather than rubbing alcohol. .. Frais donates proceeds to Just a Drop Foundation, which works to provide clean water systems in developing countries. "

Yahoo Shine,
Fashion + Beauty,
5 May 2009

"Protect Yourself from Swine Flu with these Anti-Bacterial Products
I know this swine flu is scary, but really, it's not much different from a regular flu (other than the media coverage)... You know the drill, wash your hands (this soap is my current fave), stay away from sick people, maybe reschedule that trip to Cancun, etc. If you're looking for extra protection -- hey it couldn't hurt -- try one of our top five favorite anti-bacterial products: Frais Everyday: a luxe hand sanitizer perfectly sized to fit in your cupholder..."

Gin Lady
The Gin Lady,
17 July 2009

"Natural Prevention to Tackle Swine Flu
Swine Flu experts claim the virus could take up to 65,000 lives this year as cases rise. Prevention is the best way forward to avoid a pandemic; we find a cult product that is both natural and effective. .. I went in search of an effective and natural hand gel to prevent the spread of Swine Flu. Heralded as a cult product by the experts, we think the Frais Hand Sanitizer could be the answer for those of us who want to do our best to avoid the flu but also want to avoid a chemical dose as well. Frais is a natural, non toxic hand gel that "according to the Centre for Disease control and The Mayo Clinic, kills 99.9% of germs encountered in everyday life, including influenza, the common cold, MRSA and many others." ..

Beauty Junkies,
9 September 2009

"The key to staying healthy this flu season may be more elementary than you think The most basic personal hygiene practice you learned as a child may be the one that prevents you from calling in sick this flu season! ..The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest the simple act of frequently washing your hands to be one of the most vital ways to prevent the spreading of colds and influenza viruses. .. No sink available? Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Check out these tried & true germ-fighters:
1. Frais Everyday Hand Sanitizer – If there were such a thing as a swanky hand sanitizer, this would be it! Frais uses 66% eco-friendly sugarcane alcohol and eight Australian-blended essential oils in their hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of common germs that may cause illness."

August 2009

"I don’t know about you, but I’m hyper-aware of swine flu at the moment, and have turned into a bit of a clean freak. Another friend of mine (I have useful friends!), Alexa Inge of CultBeauty, the beauty webstore of choice amongst beauty industry experts, recommended Frais Hand Sanitizer.
I carry Frais in my bag at all times now, and pop it on at regular intervals – no water needed. It’s my product of choice because it contains none of the harsh chemicals in run-of-the-mill sanitizers. According to the blurb, it contains 66% natural alcohol that (according to the Centre for Disease control and The Mayo Clinic) kills 99.9% of germs encountered in everyday life, including influenza, the common cold, MRSA and many others. It also contains eight essential oils and doesn’t leave my hands feeling tight and itchy."

Marlo Marketing
Marlo Marketing,
September 2010

"Over the years, hand sanitizer has worked its way into the ranks of prestigious household staples, rivaling paper towels and laundry detergent in Mommy-approved value. The trusty product has since evolved into travel-sized, scent-infused, baby-friendly sprays, gels, lotions, soaps, wipes, mists, and even key chains and cell-phone adornments. For you tree huggers out there, there’s even an alcohol-free organic blend (but I don’t trust it!). Here are a few of my favorites:
Frais Spa Hand Sanitizer (lotion), $29.00 for a 15 oz bottle. For you luxury-lovers out there, leave it to the Australians at Frais to be the first to create a rich, spa-quality hand sanitizer, available in gel, travel size, and my personal fave, lotion."

30 July 2009

"Eco-Chic and Oh-So-Neat
Whether you’re stuck indoors with the flu, suffer from diaper-changing overload, or walk dogs all day, you probably have a case of germ-infested-dirty hands. The surefire solution to keep those 10 digits clean is Frais Hand Sanitizer. This luxury sanitizer is ah natural. It’s packaged in recycled materials, 100% vegan, contains zero artificial ingredients and is certified by PETA as a cruelty-free vegan cosmetic product."
CPC Packaging,
February 2009

“We chose [the bottles’ champagne-flute shape] in order to differentiate ourselves from the stock packaging used by [most] other hand sanitizers, except for Method Products’ [packaging],” says Michael Davis-Smith, Frais’s managing director for Australia.

Miami New Times
Miami New Times,
5 May 2009

"Luxury Hand Sanitizer: For When You Need to be Chic and Swine Flu-Free
Hand sanitizer is a must-have this spring, because the CDC is reporting the gel might be one of the best first-line defenses against swine flu. Eye on Miami reports that local Walgreens are quickly running out of the product, but we know there's a certain segment of the Miami populace that would never dream of squirting something from a 99-cent plastic drugstore bottle onto their delicate hands. Even if it's a life-or-death situation.
That's why we went on the hunt for luxury hand sanitizer, and we found the leader in the market is made by Frais, an Australian maker of luxury skin goods. The company describes its product thusly: "An elegant mélange of eight natural Australian-blended essential oils conjures uplifting thoughts and leaves hands pleasantly moisturized. The 66 percent high-grade eco-friendly sugarcane alcohol kills 99.9 percent of germs on contact. Frais contains only nontoxic ingredients sourced from plants."
Luxurious and eco-friendly! Perfect. Somene get it stocked ASAP in the vending machine at the Mondrian."
Hooked on Beauty,
March 2009

Random Loves; Frais Hand Sanitizer and Gillette Venus Embrace
"Alcohol from sugar cane sanitizes and kill germs safely, along with a blend of essential oils like ginger, orange, and basil make a near perfect hand sanitizer that not only kills germs, but softens as well. All ingredients are plant derived, vegan, and without parabens and chemicals. Perfect for the germ-conscientious mom who wants something safe and effective for her and the little ones alike."
5 May 2009

"If all the swine flu news has you reaching for a bottle of Purell, you might want to hear this before your next quick hand cleanse. The Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database give traditional hand sanitizers a high hazarard rating. They’re filled with the usual mix of hormone disruptors, potential carcinogens and the like including parabens, PEGs, phthalates, triclosan and synthetic fragrances. Not to mention the fact that the use of antibacterial chemicals aren’t even necessary to ward off germs–plain old hand soap will do the trick. But if you can’t get to a sink to clean up with soap and water, on-the-go sanitizing options are a good bet. Just be sure to choose eco-friendly hand sanitizers rather than chemical versions. Here our favorite germ fighting eco products:
Frais Pocket Hand Sanitizer: A blend of eight essential oils give this hand sanitizing gel it’s germ fighting power including lemon myrtyle, basil and grapefruit, which boast anti-infectious, antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties."

Diet Nutrition
20 June 2009
"Hand Sanitizer for Your Health The swine flu may be the most publicized health concern as of late, but it’s certainly not the only reason to practice good hand sanitation. Germs abound in this modern world where everyone’s on the go all the time, so arm yourself with Frais’ eco-friendly and aromatherapeutic Hand Sanitizer (available in a pocket size that’s oh so perfect for your purse). While killing 99.9% of germs, Frais moisturizes as it sanitizes, and it’s made with eight essential oils. Unlike most hand sanitizers, its slightly sweet smell makes this a great mainstay for your home, handbag, or office."

Natural Mommie,
20 June 2009
"I don't know about you, but I really dislike hand sanitizers because of their scent and how drying they are. Even when they're scented to smell like Cucumber Melon, they still reek of alcohol and chemicals. Frais is made with alcohol from sugarcane rather than from cheap, harsh everyday rubbing alcohol like other brands use. Sugarcane alcohol takes far less energy to produce and sugarcane is a renewable resource. To leave your hands smelling great, Frais uses a blend of 8 essential oils including cardamom, grapefruit, niaouli, and basil. The ginger and tangerine scent is completely divine and unique. It's a fresh change from other hand sanitizers!"

Daily Makeover,
5 May 2009

"Goodbye Germs!
Fortunately, a lot has changed in the past few years and I've managed to find a sanitizer that I not only like, but that I'll actually pull out of my purse and use. It's an Aussie brand called Frais.
The eco-friendly sanitizer uses sugarcane alcohol, instead of rubbing alcohol, to kill 99.9% of germs. And instead of that nose-tingling medicinal smell, it has an uplfting blend of essential oils of cardamom, grapefruit and basil. Best of all, it's only $3.50 a bottle.
If nothing else, at least it gives my mom a little peace of mind that her daughter is avoiding dirty Manhattan germs."

Vegetarian Star,
5 April 2009

"Carrie Underwood Gets Clean With Frais Hand Sanitizer
..most brands of sanitizer contain unhealthy added ingredients that aren’t good for people or the environment. Not to mention made by companies that may have tested the product on animals.
Frais Luxury products has all natural, vegan hand sanitizers that are free of everything a veg who’s concerned about hygiene could ask for: parabens, propylene glycol, and other unnatural chemicals. And absolutely no animal testing. Plus, Frais is PETA certified as a cruelty-free vegan cosmetic company.
Reportedly, celebs like Carrie Underwood, Kelly Ripa, America Ferrera, and Britney Spears have all scrubbed their hands clean with Frais’ products and liked the results."

16 April 2009

"regular old hand sanitizers can be just as icky as what's already (ostensibly) on your hands. you'll love Frais, a luxe new eco-friendly hand sanitizer. the all-natural, vegan cleanser kills 99.9 percent of germs with high-grade, energy efficient sugarcane alcohol rather than everyday rubbing alcohol. plus, the unique blend of essential oils (cardamom, grapefruit, niaouli, and basil) delivers a soothing, smoothing sensory experience."
She Finds
1 May 2009

"Got Swine On The Brain? Avoid The Germs No Matter What Animal They Come From
A Hand Sanitizer To Help You Avoid That Spring Flu That’s Going Around…
What: Frais Pocket Hand Sanitizer, $3.50 Why: With a random, and frightening, flu season upon us, it’s just plain smart to stock up on hand sanitizer - especially if you live in the city (or near the Rio Grande). But if you’re reaching for the stuff multiple times a day, your hands will start feeling like the Sahara in no time. Frais Hand Sanitizer keeps hands soft because it's made of only all-natural oils and sugarcane alcohol. It smells like ginger and orange and comes in an adorable, futuristic-looking tube that fits in your pocket. Yes, killing germs can be luxurious. "

Modern Lux,
7 May 2009
"Want It Now: Frais Hand Sanitizer
When it comes to health, clean, germ-free hands are of the utmost importance—especially right now. But some hand sanitizers can be just as icky as what's already (ostensibly) on your hands. Enter Frais, a new all-natural, vegan hand sanitizer that kills 99.9 percent of germs. The key ingredient? High-grade, energy-efficient sugarcane alcohol (in lieu of everyday rubbing alcohol). But germ-killing isn't the only goal. The unique blend of essential oils (cardamom, grapefruit, niaouli, basil) delivers a soothing, smoothing sensory experience, too. "

Jen's Skin Care Blog,
29 April 2009

"It's apparent that face masks and hand sanitizers are a hot commodity right now with the N1H1 Flu, more commonly known as Swine Flu. .. So I'm wondering about you; are you stocking up on hand sanitizer? Do you find yourself using it more now that you did just a few weeks ago? What's the verdict in your household?"

About Poll
Has the N1-H1 Flu (aka - Swine Flu) increased your use of hand sanitizer?



Fresh and Fit
Fresh and Fit
with Sara Snow
12 June 2009

"Swine Flu a Pandemic…Sanitize!
Not only just since the Swine Flu outbreak, but for a long time now I haven’t taken a single airplane trip without my hand sanitizer. I’m not much of a germ-phobe, but I do try to be careful, especially when spending full days in public places. There are two natural hand sanitizers that I really like. .. My other favorite is by Frais. This powerful product is made of a delicious smelling essential oil blend of ginger, tangerine, lemon myrtle, miaouli, orange, basil, grapefruit and cardamom. Not only does it kill germs but it leaves your hands feeling, no lie, silky smooth. And I particularly love this one because it comes in all sizes - teeny tiny for your pocket, an everyday purse size, and a large pump that I like to keep next to my kitchen sink. "

What to Wear
March 16, 2009

"All the Essentials
If you travel very often, it is a good idea to have a basic travel-toiletry kit ready to go. We like packing in zip lock bags or other see-through bags, marking each one with a sharpie pen to designate the contents...
Beauty Necessities: Frais Pocket Les Huit Hand Sanitizer "

Macaroni Kid
Manhattan East Side Macaroni Kid
2 July 2009
"Macaroni Healthy Kids
Frais Hand Sanitizer Summer is a time for sun, fun and grubby paws. As the weather heats up, your kids likely will be spending more time outdoors, which means they'll be sticking their hands on swings, water faucets, sandboxes and plenty of other enticing yet germ-filled objects. Being a bit of a germaphobe myself, I'm never caught outside without some form of hand sanitizer, which has become all the more useful now that my daughter Sadie is actively running around and grabbing anything within reach! If you want to be the fancy mommy or daddy on the playground (and who doesn't?), pick up a portable size of Frais Hand Sanitizer. Frais is comprised entirely of natural, non-toxic ingredients, including 66% high grade eco-friendly sugarcane alcohol and eight natural Australian-blended essential oils which combine to kill 99.9% of germs encountered in everyday life, including influenza, the common cold, MRSA staph, swine flu and general ickiness. I've found that Frais stands out from the other hand sanitizing products on the market not only in its effectiveness, but also in its sleek packaging, moisturizing properties, clean scent and non-alcoholy feel."

Healthy Living Utah
July 2009

"Luxurious and aromatherapeutic, Frais is the perfect accessory for a stylish home, traveler, or anyone desiring a bit of luxury while maintaining good health and environmental responsibility. Frais is an eco-friendly, all-natural, vegan hand sanitizer which kills 99.9% of germs with high-grade, energy efficient sugarcane alcohol rather than low-grade, harsh everyday rubbing alcohol. It then adds its own unique blend of 8 Australian essential oils including cardamom, grapefruit, niaouli, and basil delivering a soothing, uplifting sensory experience. Frais is the pioneer in the creation of a new beauty category – LUXURY, ECO-FRIENDLY hand sanitizers. Frais is actually enjoyable and beneficial for the user..."

News on Cleveland
News On Cleveland,
July 2009
"When you need to wash your hands but can’t get to a sink, hand sanitizers are the answer. A new crop of all-natural sanitizers is loaded with skin-soothing essential oils. Our picks contain at least 60 percent alcohol—the amount recommended by the Centers for Disease Control to banish bacteria. Use only when soap and water aren’t available—and only half a teaspoon to avoid irritating your skin, says Rebecca Tung, M.D., a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.
FRAIS HAND SANITIZER is made with 66 percent sugarcane alcohol, which requires less energy to produce than the corn alcohol used in most sanitizers, and a blend of eight essential oils like ginger and tangerine that keep skin hydrated. It’s also available in a 0.2 ounce size that’s perfect for tucking into pockets and purses. "

Beauty and the Dirt,
5 May 2009

"A Handy Solution
(Frais) leaves hands moisturized, and sweet smelling. It’s the new must have handbag accessory!"
Practical Travel,
25 May 2009

"I tried a a luxurious product on the market: moisturizing, aromatherapeutic Frais. Infused with 8 essential oils, from grapefruit to tangerine to ginger, Frais smells delicious. Its active ingredient is sugarcane alcohol, instead of generic rubbing alcohol, so it’s more moisturizing than other standard brands."
Charitable Giving
3 April, 2009

"The best Hand Sanitizer on
and for the planet by Frais"
Sounds Good
Sounds Good,
15 June 2009

"Frais puts Australian blended essential oils in the best-smelling hand sanitizer I’ve ever experienced. With ginger, tangerine, lemon, myrtle, basil as just part of the mix, there’s a real luxury sensation going on. I first heard of the product when we were frantic about swine flu, but hey, we need hand sanitizer all the time. Some of us more than others."
25 May 2009
Atlanta Social Season
Atlanta Social Season Magazine
May 2009
Cosmetic News Portal
25 May 2009

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